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Imagine for a minute that you had all the energy and vitality to break free from the health complaints that have been plaguing you for months or years. Functional Medicine and the Kalish Method as practised by Dr Adrian Clegg DC is a lab-based system of healthcare that gets to the root cause of disease. By shifting the traditional disease-centred focus of medical care to a more patient-centred approach, functional medicine addresses you, the whole person, not an isolated set of symptoms. Our focus is on listening to you, the patient and learning your own unique story. Treatment programs are tailored to each individual’s needs based on your history, physiology, genetic makeup, environmental and lifestyle factors.

If you’re like most people in Sydney and Australia, then you have struggled at some point with one of the five main health concerns which Functional and Lifestyle Medicine excels in addressing. These FIVE extremely common and often life destroying conditions are listed below.





Depression & Anxiety


Digestive PRoblems




We achieve this through restoring the 3 main body systems

Hormonal System

Measuring the function of your adrenal glands analyses how well your body is managing stress. The stress hormones also have an intricate relationship with thyroid, sex hormones, immune and digestive system.
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Digestive System

The foundation of good health lies in optimal digestive function. All other aspects of your health can be undermined if you’re not digesting or absorbing nutrients due to a digestive disorder.
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Toxins from the diet, medications or environment must be eliminated in a timely manner. Toxins which aren’t processed and eliminated can affect the nervous system and mental function leading to fatigue, allergies, skin reactions, depression or anxiety.
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How is the kalish method different?

Dr Adrian Clegg DC takes a personalized approach to identifying and addressing the root cause of your health concerns, we combine the most advanced functional lab testing, high quality nutritional supplements and tailored nutritional advice to help you reclaim your health.

Your lab results are the intersection between dietary choices, lifestyle habits, sleep, the stress response, environment and genetics. The core aspects of the Functional Medicine paradigm can be seen in the roots of the tree pictured. Addressing the root causes of disease will give you the best chance for optimal health and wellbeing.
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“Before I met Dr. Kalish, I was unable to develop a comprehensive approach to Functional Medicine that was easy to understand and implement. But since I chose The Kalish Method for my own clinic in 2007, we have been enormously impressed with patient results.”
Dr. Joseph Mercola, DO

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6 Steps to a Functional Medicine Program

We provide a plan, a partnership and a promise to get to the root cause so you can restore your health.

Our programs start with a comprehensive online health history form. We then schedule an Initial Consultation in person or via the phone. Appropriate functional lab testing will then be recommended depending on your unique health history.

The testing can be completed in the comfort of your own home and don’t require blood to be drawn. The test samples required are predominately urine and stool.
Test Don't Stress
Our 3 core functional lab tests, the DUTCH, CDSA and Organic acids are completed in the comfort of your own home. Many patients we speak with on our discovery calls believe they’ve done everything that they can to get better. Within a few minutes it becomes quickly apparent that they have never completed any functional lab testing and nutrigenomic analysis.
Balance Your Hormones
The stress response can create dangerous imbalances between the adrenals, sex hormones and thyroid. Imbalances in the neurotransmitters can also result from a chronically activated stress response or digestive problems. The Kalish Method excels in correcting hormonal imbalances and calming the chronic stress response.
Heal Your Gut
Parasites, bacterial overgrowth, candida, SIBO, IBS and leaky gut can all be extremely damaging to your health. Unfortunately, digestive health treatment protocols are usually not at the forefront of medical interventions. Functional Medicine practitioners consider the gut as being central to optimal health and wellbeing.
Tame The Toxins
Environmental toxins can cause cancer and create hormonal imbalances. Many people believe that developing cancer is simply bad luck. Functional Medicine testing can identify certain nutritional, hormonal and genetic factors that can increase your risk of developing cancer. Our protocols can help you decrease the likelihood of developing cancer, heart disease, autoimmune disease and other conditions related to a build-up of toxins and damage from oxidative stress.
Calm The Stress
Emotional stress is everyone’s inferno; many sleepless nights can result during times of chronic and unrelenting emotional stress. Whilst the supplement program will happen combat the effects of the stress hormones, specific interventions such as meditation and Heart Rate Variability (HRV) training will help ameliorate the stress response. Improving HRV can help with depression, anxiety and cardiovascular disease.
Optimize Your Diet
Gluten, soy and pasteurized dairy can wreak havoc for many people. It’s crucial in any Functional Medicine program to remove foods which are triggering the inflammatory response. Many people we speak with mistakenly think that occasionally consuming a food they have sensitivities to has no negative consequences. Food allergy and CDSA testing are two methods we use to identify foods which need to be removed from the diet.



A recent study completed by Dr Dan Kalish DC at the Mayo Clinic, US had some amazing results. This 6-month clinical study examined the effect of the Kalish Method.

Twenty-one female participants completed the study: 7 were owners, CEOs or presidents of a company, 7 held supervisory or management positions and 7 were in non-executive-type jobs. All participants reported experiencing high stress levels which they attributed to work and personal life events.

The average age of the participants was 45 years, and product intake compliance for both adrenal and gastrointestinal component of the study product was 85 percent.

Participants received a Kalish Method functional medicine program consisting of lifestyle interventions, protocols to treat HPA-axis dysfunction (commonly referred to as adrenal fatigue) and various gut infections.


A 38 percent average decrease in fatigue, measured through a Profile of Mood States (POMS) questionnaire
A 22 percent average decrease in confusion, measured through a POMS questionnaire
A 27 percent average decrease in stress, calculated through the Visual Analog Scale (VAS)
An increase in vitality by an average of 39 percent, calculated through the SF-36 quality of life questionnaire
A Reduction in H. pylori infections, which can be associated with chronic inflammation and digestive symptoms.

Functional Medicine Philosophy

Lab testing is at the core of Functional Medicine, our approach is “test, don’t guess” as the lab testing is an objective and honest assessment of your current state of health. Dr Clegg acknowledges the fact that our physical health is essentially the platform for emotional and spiritual growth. We cannot reach our true life potential when overcome with pain and disease both physical and mental.

Functional medicine’s purpose is to heal the body, so you can go on to engage in the emotional and spiritual growth experiences that we are all here for.
I am ready to take back my health

Dr. Adrian Clegg

Dr Adrian Clegg DC is a Sydney CBD based health practitioner specializing in Atlas Orthogonal and Functional Medicine. He is the only Upper Cervical specific chiropractor in the Sydney metropolitan area certified in Atlas Orthogonal, with the convenience of onsite X-rays.

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