Metabolic Reset – Weight Loss Program

Are you ready to reset your metabolism?

Let’s work together to create a strategy that delivers increased energy, healthy weight loss and more self-confidence.

The Metabolic Reset Program has been carefully designed to provide the most proven strategies to help improve energy, maximise fat burning capacity and improve depression and anxiety.

Other weight loss programs focus on calorie restriction which often causes further metabolic damage and increased weight. Intermittent fasting and extreme calorie restriction can lead to increased weight and adrenal dysfunction due to unstable blood sugar which is a consequence of fasting.

Our focus is on repairing your metabolism to allow for healthy and long-term weight loss. To pinpoint the areas of your metabolism that require correction we use functional lab testing:

  1. Adrenals: DUTCH (Dried Urine Test for Comprehensive Hormones). Stress and Adrenal Dysfunction is a known cause of stubborn weight gain. Our Metabolic Reset Program focusses on correcting and adrenal imbalances to allow for healthy weight loss and increased energy.
  2. Energy Production: Organic Acids (OAT) can pinpoint areas in your Krebs Cycle that are dysfunctional. The Krebs cycle is responsible for producing cellular energy (ATP) and also measures your fat burning capacity. As a Functional Medicine clinic, we are able to order these tests to create a more tailored approach to your weight loss program.
Other optional tests include digestive and thyroid testing which can have an impact on weight loss and energy production.

Your 12-week Program Includes:

  • 60-minute Comprehensive Metabolic Intake to review your personal health history
  • 60-minute report of findings session including detailed health plan to achieve your desired results
  • DUTCH test for comprehensive hormone analysis including cortisol, DHEA and sex hormones valued at $495
  • Organic Acid Test (OAT) to pinpoint areas in your biochemistry and genetic variants that are affecting your ability to burn fat, produce energy and detoxify safely. Valued at $415
  • 10 weekly accountability calls (15-30 minutes)
  • Complete diet plan with recipes for 12 weeks
  • Personal email support
  • Metabolic Reset Recipe Book
The 12-week Metabolic Reset Program is only $2987* (non-members)
Members $2597*

Membership $97 per month for a minimum of 12 months, includes direct price lab testing and 10% off all supplements and products.
*Not including the price of supplements

Dr. Adrian Clegg

Dr Adrian Clegg DC is a Sydney CBD based health practitioner specializing in Atlas Orthogonal and Functional Medicine. He is the only Upper Cervical specific chiropractor in the Sydney metropolitan area certified in Atlas Orthogonal, with the convenience of onsite X-rays.

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