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Opus Healthcare is a boutique healthcare clinic located on York St in Sydney’s CBD since 2008. We cater for people like you, the stressed out corporate worker that is often juggling work with a young family. The clinic is the brainchild of Dr Adrian Clegg.

Our name, Opus Healthcare is derived from Magnum Opus, the latin term meaning “great work”. We are dedicated to helping you make your life a masterpiece

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Practice Philosophy

Before you make an appointment to have your upper cervical spine assessed it is important that you understand the importance of this part of your spine and how it relates to overall health.
As our name Opus Healthcare suggests, your health is the central masterpiece of your life. Your health is something that requires close attention and constant work for you to reach your full potential.

Dr Clegg acknowledges the fact that our physical health is essentially the platform for emotional and spiritual growth. We cannot reach our true life potential when overcome with pain and disease both physical and mental. Dr Clegg’s focus is to help you heal your body, allowing you to engage in the emotional and spiritual growth experiences that we are all here for.

Our Approach

Traditional chiropractors generally offer short term relief of symptoms in the form of spinal manipulation which can provide short to medium term results.

Through a combination of Atlas Orthogonal and Functional Medicine we can deliver long term solutions to your health problems. It is important that you be open to the suggestions that Dr Clegg makes regarding your health problems as most chronic health problems can require a number of different approaches. Dr Clegg will take the time to explain why a different treatment regime than you expected may in fact be crucial in your case.


Functional Medicine

Dr Adrian Clegg DC is a Sydney CBD based health practitioner specializing in Functional Medicine and Atlas Orthogonal. He is one of only four practitioners in Australia who is trained and certified in the Kalish Method of Functional Medicine. This method of Functional Medicine has proven results is solving the “Big Five” symptoms;
  • Fatigue
  • Depression
  • Digestive complaints
  • Weight gain
  • Female hormone imbalance
Dr Clegg came to Functional Medicine through his own health struggles. Suffering with fatigue, depression, IBS and skin rashes, adrenal testing showed he was struggling with stage 3 adrenal fatigue (HPA axis dysfunction).

In 2016 Dr Dan Kalish of the Kalish Institute together with Susanne M. Cutshall and Larry R. Bergstrom of the Mayo Clinic released a study into functional medicine which showed a variety of stress, fatigue and quality of life measures can be improved through functional medicine. The study utilized lab-based supplement programs, including lifestyle and nutritional counselling. The 28 week study measured the effectiveness of a specific functional medicine approach for improving stress, energy, fatigue, digestive issues and quality of life in middle-aged women exposed to high-stress work environments, much like those experienced in corporate life throughout Sydney.

It is this lab-testing and treatment system that Dr Clegg utilizes with his patients to identify and correct many of the root causes of disease. He has spoken at many Sydney based businesses on the topic of healthcare and how it relates to the average stressed out office worker. He has an interest in the effect of stress and it deleterious and damaging effects on mental and overall health.

Today more than ever chronic stress is playing havoc with our health and wellbeing. On average we are living longer but with the burden of many chronic diseases such as diabetes, cancer, autoimmune disease and heart disease. Being quick to medicate and slow to make the much needed lifestyle changes is causing many people to suffer unnecessarily. These lab based protocols has allowed Dr Clegg to help empower his patients and allowed them to greatly improve their health.

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Dr. Adrian Clegg

When I began practicing eighteen years ago, people suffering from multiple debilitating conditions had few places to turn to receive the care they needed to get better. As the years have gone by, I began to realise that more and more people were suffering with chronic health problems—feeling tired, depressed, gaining weight, experiencing digestive problems, allergies and a host of hormone issues.

Over the years I have worked with 1000’s of people to help them overcome chronic health conditions using Functional Medicine and AO.

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