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Opus: an artisitic work, especially on a large scale.

As our name Opus Healthcare suggests, your health is the central masterpiece of your life. Your health is something that requires close attention and constant work for you to reach your full potential.

Dr Clegg acknowledges the fact that our physical health is essentially the platform for emotional and spiritual growth. We cannot reach our true life potential when overcome with pain and disease both physical and mental. Dr Clegg’s focus is to help you heal your body, allowing you to engage in the emotional and spiritual growth experiences that we are all here for.


Traditional chiropractors generally offer short term relief of symptoms in the form of spinal manipulation which can provide short to medium term results. Through a combination of Atlas Orthogonal and Functional Medicine we can deliver long term solutions to your health problems. It is important that you be open to the suggestions that Dr Clegg makes regarding your health problems as most chronic health problems can require a number of different approaches. Dr Clegg will take the time to explain why a different treatment regime than you expected may in fact be crucial in your case.

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