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Dr Adrian Clegg DC is a Sydney CBD basedhealth practitioner specializing in Atlas Orthogonal and Functional Medicine. He is the only Upper Cervical specific chiropractor in the Sydney metropolitan area certified in Atlas Orthogonal, with the convenience of onsite X-rays. Opus Healthcare was established on York St in 2008 and predominately serves the stressed corporate workforce of Sydney’s CBD. As a former athlete and professional triathlete having raced extensively in Europe Dr Clegg was always looking at ways to improve performance and decrease the risk of injuries.At the age of 18 recurrent shoulder and knee injuries led him to seek the help of a Chiropractor. After experiencing the healing power of chiropractic, Dr Clegg decided to study Chiropractic at Macquarie University.

In 2002 whilst out cycling he was hit by a motorist travelling at 100km/hr. Suffering multiple injuries including a fractured pelvis which would later require surgery he spent 6 months off work and underwent extensive rehabilitation including chiropractic care. As a testament to the great chiropractic care he received Dr Clegg was able to return to competitive triathlons and cycling which he still enjoys today. Having experienced such injuries he can empathize with his patients who present with wide and varied chronic pain conditions. He also understands that healing takes time as he witnessed first-hand after surviving such extensive injuries.

His experience as a health practitioner and ongoing studies over the last 16 years means he can offer you;

  • Individualized treatment as a unique individual, no generic approach which is offered in many other clinics
  • Education around how your body works and where true health comes from including structural, nutritional and biochemical strategies aimed at improving your health
  • Integrated care that it comprehensive and holistic, no more hit and miss therapies. Structural X-rays, MRI, functional and conventional lab tests are used to help deliver an accurate diagnosis and the best possible health outcome for you.


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