Adrenal Questionnaire

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I experience problems falling asleep
I experience problems staying asleep
I frequently experience a second wind (high energy) late at night
I have energy highs and lows throughout the day
I feel tired all the time
I need caffeine (coffee, tea, cola, etc) to get going in the morning
I usually go to bed after 10 p.m.
I frequently get less than 8 hours of sleep per night
I am easily fatigued
Things I used to enjoy seem like a chore lately
My sex drive is lower than it used to be
I suffer from depression, or have recently been experiencing feelings of depression, such as sadness or loss of motivation
If I skip meals I feel low energy or foggy and disoriented
My ability to handle stress has decreased
I find that I am easily irritated or upset
I have had one or more stressful major life events (ie, divorce, death of a loved one, job loss, new baby, new job)
I tend to overwork with little time for play or relaxation for extended periods of time
I crave sweets
I frequently skip meals or eat sporadically
I am experiencing increased physical complaints such as muscle aches, headaches, or more frequent illnesses
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Dr. Adrian Clegg

When I began practicing eighteen years ago, people suffering from multiple debilitating conditions had few places to turn to receive the care they needed to get better. As the years have gone by, I began to realise that more and more people were suffering with chronic health problems—feeling tired, depressed, gaining weight, experiencing digestive problems, allergies and a host of hormone issues.

Over the years I have worked with 1000’s of people to help them overcome chronic health conditions using Functional Medicine and AO.

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