Benefits And Uses Of Functional Medicine

Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Today more than ever people are becoming more involved and taking charge of their own health. Personal health monitoring devices measuring resting heart rate, heart rate, V02 max, sleep patterns, weight, fat mass, muscle mass, bone mass, blood sugar and blood pressure are becoming the norm throughout Sydney and Australia.

Known as the most monitored man in the world, Dr Larry Smarr PhD has taken self-monitoring to the next level, and for good reason. Dr Smarr earned his PhD in physics from the University of Texas at Austin in 1975. He went on to become one of the leading authorities on the future of information technology and telecommunications. In 1999 Dr Smarr, concerned with his ballooning weight, decreasing fitness levels and poor diet decided to start working on his health. Commencing with blood testing, Dr Smarr started monitoring his blood biochemistry through certain biomarkers. As a computer scientist, he was wanting to know which other health data was available. Stool testing in the form of a Complete Digestive Stool Analysis was next on his radar. Stool testing gives a huge insight into the immune system and inflammation. Through self-monitoring he discovered that he had developed Cohn’s disease before he or his medical doctor was aware that he was suffering with a dangerous chronic autoimmune disease.

“This idea that you can just feel what is going on inside of you, that is just so epistemologically false. You just can’t do it.”

The quote above is from Dr Smarr and is crucial to remember when you consider his journey and the journey many people have when they develop a serious disease. Disease and ill health doesn’t happen overnight and it’s impossible to feel any symptoms in the beginning of the disease process. Once symptoms have become noticeable then the disease has been present for quite some time. Through tracking a range of biomarkers, it is possible to make changes before it’s too late.

In this information age, Functional Medicine Australia and self-tracking within Sydney and throughout Australia is gaining momentum due to the demand from the public. As alluded to earlier, this integrative approach to healthcare is designed to combat the spread of chronic diseases such as;

  1. Obesity
  2. Diabetes
  3. Autoimmune diseases like Crohn’s, Lupus and Hashimoto’s
  4. Cardiovascular Disease
  5. Metabolic syndrome
  6. Digestive complaints
  7. Depression and anxiety
  8. Chronic fatigue
  9. Fibromyalgia

Dr Adrian Clegg DC a functional medicine practitioner and chiropractor located in Sydney’s bustling Chiropractor CBD Sydney is one of only 4 physicians in Australia to have completed the Kalish method of Functional Medicine Mentorship.

The testing I recommend involves tracking over 100 biomarkers in blood, stool and urine. We all know the frustration in having blood tests completed only to be told everything is “normal”. Blood chemistry testing is predominately focussed on diagnosing a disease, the reference ranges reflect this focus. When you apply a more sensitive and ideal range, then a lot of important information reveals itself.

Functional blood chemistry analysis takes regular blood tests and applies a more useable, meaningful and functional filter to the results.

The Dried Urine Test for Comprehensive Hormones (DUTCH) is a highly sensitive test measuring the adrenal and sex hormones which can pick up conditions like Adrenal Fatigue (HPA axis dysregulation), migraines, PCOS, PMS, depression, thyroid problems, blood sugar regulation and conditions involving the sex hormones.

As discussed above stool testing is a great way to look at the immune function and inflammatory response, bacterial overgrowth, parasites and intestinal permeability can also be assessed.

The organic acids test is a nutritional test looking at the metabolic processes that can affect energy production, neurotransmitters, detoxification, and digestion.

It is not my focus to treat a disease process, my goal is to correct the underlying imbalances in your biomarkers to help you avoid developing a chronic disease. My functional medicine principles learned over the years have helped many people in Sydney and throughout Australia.

Remember it’s not how you feel, but what are your numbers!For more details about Chiropractor in Sydney just move on

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Dr. Adrian Clegg

When I began practicing eighteen years ago, people suffering from multiple debilitating conditions had few places to turn to receive the care they needed to get better. As the years have gone by, I began to realise that more and more people were suffering with chronic health problems—feeling tired, depressed, gaining weight, experiencing digestive problems, allergies and a host of hormone issues.

Over the years I have worked with 1000’s of people to help them overcome chronic health conditions using Functional Medicine and AO.